Molecular Mayhem

A challenging game of strategy and cosmic adventure that takes you on a perilous journey from outer space to Earth to inner space


  • You are a single molecule of water roaming through stunning and amazing cosmic landscapes
  • Find your way back to the glistening blue sphere where you belong
  • See what it's like to be vaporized by the quantum froth of pure energy
  • Confront the invisible forces of annihilation
  • Do battle with the eternal forces that created the universe
  • Challenge the fundamental components of all matter
  • Friction, magnetism, and gravity will control you
  • Attempt to elude electromagnetic particle chaos
  • Succumb to sinister galactic decay and be obliterated
  • Navigate from a cosmic to planetary to microscopic scale
  • Evade the quarks, fermions, and bosons aligned to destroy you
  • Escape waves of particles bound together in continuous opposition by electromagnetic forces that can obliterate galaxies.


©2013 Kenneth Garzo

If you think the opposing forces that life must conquer to survive are armed with bullets and bombs, then think again. The fundamental interactions of attraction, repulsion, decay, and annihilation are where the real battles take place. Friction, magnetism, gravity, and every other force is caused by one of those four fundamental interactions.

We are comprised of molecules that can neither perceive nor understand us, and in turn we are merely the molecular components of larger organisms that we can neither perceive nor understand.

Games in which players do battle with weapons, machines, or angry creatures are plentiful. But there are dimensions that exist beyond the rusted artifacts of wars: dimensions where guns, bullets, and bombs have no effect. There are dimensions where there is no twilight, there are no signposts, and nothing is recognizable. The battles that take place are between the eternal forces that created the universe. There is no anger. There are no aliens. There is no evil.

Welcome to Molecular Mayhem.

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