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Molecular Mayhem

The perilous journey from outer space to Earth to inner space.

You are a molecule of water (H2O) drifting in space. You can move your H2O icon in any direction by guiding your cursor over and around the navigation star at the bottom of the screen. Do not click your mouse. Practice your technique: dexterity and accuracy will be important. By guiding your water molecule icon onto other receptive water molecule icons, you can merge with them to give yourself protection and strength, and to earn points.



Points for absorbing other water molecules and escaping danger are tabulated in the upper right or upper left corner of the screen. You can lose points by being vaporized by fireballs, sucked into black holes, disoriented by gravity, rendered unstable by decay, or paralyzed by electromagnetic forces. These are invisible interactive forces that can also take control of your movements and your fate without warning.

Your environment constantly changes: areas that were safe can become areas of extreme danger. Be vigilant. Learn to distinguish between other water molecules and the cosmic and microscopic worlds in which are you navigating. Listen carefully to the sounds of danger. Take note of danger zones. Learn how to avoid powerful gravitational forces.

As you accumulate points, you can progress through 9 dimensions of cosmic reality, extending from galaxies to planets to microscopic worlds. Dimensions are progressively more difficult to reach and are more dangerous and challenging.

You must gather strength to proceed so that in your persona as a water molecule you can reach a carbon rich environment. Water is an inorganic molecule. You must reach a carbon (C) rich environment in order to continue to exist and to proceed on to the successive dimensions of Molecular Mayhem.

Be prepared to encounter unrecognizable terrain as well as recognizable terrain. Be prepared to navigate within a cosmic scale and within a microscopic scale.

You must find the area of the universe most receptive to the properties of water that make life possible. That is where the concluding dimensions of your journey will begin and cohesive strength, surface tension, power to dissolve, and resistence to heat will confer omnipotent power.